How a Registered Address Service Can Help Your Business

registered address service in singapore

Using a registered address service is a great way to make your business look professional. A registered address service in Singapore will provide you with a real address that is listed on the government’s website. This will give you an address that will help you avoid being a target of spam and other types of fraud.

Home office scheme

Using your home as an office is a convenient option for small business owners. You do not have to commute to your work every morning, and you can save on office rent.

The Home Office Scheme is an initiative by the Housing and Development Board (HDB). It allows small businesses to operate from their private residence. However, it is not meant for large-scale businesses.

There are specific guidelines and rules you need to follow in order to set up your home as an office. The main reason is to ensure that your business is not a nuisance to your neighbours. You should not display your business signage outside your residential premises. You should also ensure that your electrical load does not exceed the load required by the standard residential load.


Servcorp registered address service in Singapore is a professional solution for any company that is seeking to establish a business presence in the city. It provides the business owner with a powerful virtual address that can be used to represent their business, showcase their products or services, and help establish a professional image.

Servcorp registered address service in Singapore can help new businesses get started in a timely and cost-effective manner. It offers a wide range of services, including a local phone number and meeting rooms.


Whether you are starting a new business or you need to take a break from working at home, using a registered address service in Singapore will help you to build a good impression on customers. With a Regus registered address, your company will appear more professional and authentic to customers.

You will get your own physical business address in Singapore, a fax number, and a receptionist. Regus also offers a wide range of other services. They offer membership programs, personal growth events, and a community network. They are part of the IWG workspace network, and have almost 3000 locations worldwide.


Using a GreenHub registered address service in Singapore is a smart move if you are running an eco-related business. The company is known for its extra special customer service.

GreenHub’s main selling point is its range of services. The company offers virtual offices, temporary flexi desks and fully-furnished serviced offices. The company has three locations in Singapore. The company’s flagship location is on the 38th floor of Tower A Kota Kasablanka.

The company also boasts a modern design and offers flexible leasing terms.


Getting an One IBC registered address service in Singapore is an excellent way to minimize your business costs. Singapore has a solid business sector with well-developed financial systems. The government has provided attractive tax rates to companies that operate within the country. Companies that meet certain requirements may qualify for tax exemptions.

Getting an IBC registered address service in Singapore can also help you maintain your company’s reputation. As an IBC, the owners of the company are protected by law. They are not required to disclose their information to the public, and shareholders are also protected by law.